Ink and Toner For Your Printer

Problems with that printer?

Don't throw it away, it isn't dead until we say it's dead.

Don't throw it away! Especially if it's an older HP laser or inkjet printer! Generally speaking, we can fix those old HP's along with some of the older Canon printers.

We don't charge just to take a look at your printer, unless we have to travel to your place of business, then we charge a $35 service call fee. If you bring the printer to us, we'll take a look at it for free. A good, thorough cleaning is $35-45. Obviously, if a part needs to be replaced, we'll charge you for that, plus shipping.

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Our Referral Customer Reward has worked so well - we have extended it. We would like to give our customers $10.00 credit toward their next order of $50 or more. Just refer a friend to purchase $20 or more and have them refer back to you. Just that simple.

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