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DeskJet Series Print Improvements and Cleaning

The HP DeskJet Series of printers and in some cases, the Lexmark and the Canon printers which use the cartridges with print heads (BC-01, 02 BX-3, BC-20 & 23 cartridges) began to streak with following smudges after a time. This condition is easily fixed.
( (We can't help with the Epson printers, they are seldom supported and once there is a problem, best to find a new printer.) )

Over a period of time, fibers that are extraneous to the printer can attach themselves to ink residue on the face of the print cartridge or the underside of the cradle. If these fibers are dragged across the page during printing, they can cause print smear which primarily appears as fine lines or streaks running through and beyond the black text.

If you experience this problem you can easily correct this condition by cleaning the print cartridge and cradle using the instructions given below. This procedure may need to be performed by the user from time to time, depending upon the amount of usage and the amount of airborne fibers in the environment.

Cleaning Instructions:

To clean ink and debris from around the print cartridge nozzle plate and the carriage assembly, perform the following steps:

1 - Turn on the printer and open the top cover. The print cartridge cradle moves to the center of the printer.

2 - With the door open and the cartridge cradle in the center position, unplug the power cord at the printer. This will freeze the carrage in place. Don't try to move the carrage back to the docking position but one can slide it one side to another without damaging the printer.

3 - Remove the print cartridges from the printer. Beware: Do not leave the print cartridges uncapped for more than 8 minutes or the nozzles may clog. You may attach our Print Head Clip to the cartridge which came with your refilled cartridge.

4 - Inspect each print cartridge face for ink or debris buildup. If there is noticeable ink accumulation or even a single fiber attached to the face, clear it away from around the nozzle plate of each print cartridge with a moistened foam rubber swab or a clean, link-free cloth. Do not wipe across or toward the nozzle plate. Note: Use a clean foam rubber swab or a clean, lint-free cloth for each print cartridge. Distilled water is recommended. Tap water may contain contaminates that could react with the ink.

5- Inspect the underside of the print cartridge cradle for buildup, particularly on the three small black hook-shaped arms on the bottom of the cradle. If there is noticeable buildup of ink or a single fiber attached, wipe each black hook-shaped arm with a clean, moistened foam rubber swab.

6 - Reinstall the print cartridges, plus the power cord back into the printer, and lower the top cover.

7 - Print a self-test page to ensure the print smear problem has been eliminated. To print a self-test page, make sure the printer is turned on. Then, while holding down the power button, tape the resume button once.

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